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My London Diary




For a number of years I have been working on a project that aims to create a growing story about London and my experience of living and photographing there. Called 'My London Diary' it has evolved over the years into a continuing record of the city and events in London, presented on the web.

what is my london diary?

a record of my day to day wanderings in and around london,
camera in hand
and some of my comments which may be related to these -
or not
things i've found and perhaps things people tell me.
if I really knew what this site was i wouldn't bother to write it.
it's london, it's part of my life, but mainly pictures,
arranged day by day,
ordered by month and year

Most of the events I photograph are public events, happening on the streets of London, although private occasions do occasionally feature. A few are high-profile events covered by the media - such as the recent EuroPride 2006 Parade and major demonstrations - but more often I photograph at relatively small, local events that often go unnoticed even in the local press and certainly outside the neighbourhood. These include street parties, local fetes and carnivals, religious festivals and more.

My London Diary is a unique and large body of work with pictures come from all over London. On the web these are presented in a diary format in date order, with new work being added as it is produced. Since 2002 the pictures have mainly been taken with a professional digital camera rather than film, making the updating faster.

The current 'Another London' exhibition includes work from My London Diary around two interwoven and related themes, both aspects of community in London. These are events related to particular ethnic communities in the capital, while others are from very local events such as street parties and festivals. For the showing in Kingston I have also included a number of works made in the London Borough of Kingston.

The final selection of work on show at Kingston may differ from that on this site.

Peter Marshall

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