photographs by

Paul Baldesare   Peter Marshall   Mike Seaborne


Hoxton (C) Peter Marshall, 2006
'Save Our Baths' Street Party, Laburnum St, Haggerston, 2006. Peter Marshall

The three photographers in this show have previously exhibited their work on London in numerous shows, particularly in '4 ON London' in 2000. In this new work which debuted at the Kingston Museum in Kingston-upon-Thames in January 2007, they turn their attention on to 'another London', the London of the suburbs, of its deprived areas and of its various ethnic groups.

All three have all lived and worked in London for many years, and this recent work draws on their long experience but also pushes in new directions. All three are documentary photographers, and both Baldesare and Marshall have long experience of working in the tradition of 'street photography', which both have expanded into new directions with the work in this show. Seaborne's work is urban landscape and draws on the strong British tradition in this area, often using the viewpoint offered by the front seat of London buses.

This exhibition is now available for suitable venues. Please ring 01784 456474 for details.


Baldesare      Marshall      Seaborne